Every project is unique and has its own signature

It’s a beautiful piece of art created and delivered to you by experienced EDM ghost producer from our team.

Our producers use high-class equipment and work in professional recording studios. They get inspired everywhere – from Ibiza to Berlin, from Amsterdam to Miami, attending production conferences and masterclasses all over the world. It allows us to give you a world class service and keep reasonable prices.

We love our clients and partners, that’s why we made our deals safe and risk free! We do not charge you until you are satisfied with the quality of your demo.

Why are we different from other companies?

Because our prices are fixed. We never overcharge for a better quality of our production. We offer you only high quality tracks from the very beginning of our teamwork!

We are not fooling our clients with guaranteed label deals, radio rotation, huge promotion and etc.

No one can guarantee that your track will be signed to top label or will be in daily rotation at prestigious radios.

We can only guarantee your track will be of the same calibre of quality as tracks in most popular playlists in Spotify.

Take a look at our deals and start your project today!