Original track

Looking for a ghost producer? NTC Production can help you to create your new EDM song or track exactly the way you want. Hire the best EDM ghost producer that has got years of experience to produce your original track from scratch!

Are you a DJ? Do you want to play and release your tracks but you are not quite sure how to work with software? Or maybe you don’t have a professional studio or lack of time? You’ve got to the right place!

Let our ghost producers team create a custom-made track that fits your needs.

Remix / Bootleg

Online EDM ghost producing brings you a remixing service! A remix is one of the best ways to get your DJ name up on EDM scene. Whether it’s a remix contest or just a remix of a popular track you love, our team can handle it.

WAVO.ME, Splice.com and other remix contests can provide various rewards including releases on major labels, support from big artists and also thousands of people will hear your track. By the way, Seven Lions and Zedd have won remix contests during their rise to popularity with several of their remixes and it brought them world-wide bookings.

Co-creation / Improving service

When you get our EDM co-creation (collaboration) service, you get to work with world’s best EDM ghost producer that will bring your track and idea to the next level.

We will improve your sounds, add new instruments, FX, automation, mix it, master and do more processing until your track will stand out and sound like commercial 2019 EDM track that’s ready to rock charts and get DJ’s support.

It always works when you are stuck and don’t have any more ideas or lack of a quality sound.

Contact us now to improve your sound!

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing EDM music and mastering songs is the last process in the music production that provides your track utmost quality, professional tone and loudness.

Mixing & mastering ensures that your track is pleasant to listen to, stands out, is ready to be released and also that it’s radio-friendly. Our audio engineers can mix and master your tracks. We make them sound bigger, fuller, wider and generally more pleasant to listen to.

By careful listening, sculpting and processing the sounds, we are able to take your tracks to the next level.

Melody creation (MIDI)

Got stuck with your project? Run out of ideas? NTC Production is here to help!
For just a small reward we can make a top chart melody for your track that will definitely rock!

We will provide you with midi of chords, pads, bass, top melody, arp and pads. Send us reference tracks that you like so we’d get inspired and bring you the best!

DJ set intro

If you’ve been to big festivals you know what we are talking about.

All the top DJ’s like Hardwell or Martin Garrix are starting their show with incredible and amazing intro that catches crowd’s attention while raising to climax. Contact us if you want to stand out in a club or a festival with your exclusive epic dj set intro!

We can also provide vocal sample with your DJ-name and use melodies from your tracks in that intro to make it more unique and interesting.